International borderlines and Countries

Hello Aspirants, in this article we will give you information on the borderline between countries of some importance in the world, which can help you in the upcoming exam.

Such questions have been asked many times in the competitive exam. In this competitive exam of tomorrow, it is very important to be prepared in every way.

Here we provide a beautiful table of international borderline and country

International Borderline NameCountry
Marginal Line: Russia-Finland border(320 Km)
Line of Actual Control:
India & China on the Northern Border
Line of Control: India and Pakistan
Durand Line:Afghanistan and Pakistan
Radcliffe Line:India and Pakistan (it includes Bangladesh Line)
Blue Line:Isreal & Lebanon
Purple Line:Israel and Syria
GreenLine: Israel and its neighbors (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria)
Mason–Dixon line :Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware
Curzon Line:Poland & Russia
Armistice Line: North Korea and South Korea
McMohan Line India & China
Maginot LineFrance & Germany
17 Parallel LineNorth & South Vietnam
Hindenburg LinePoland & Germany
Mannar haime line Russia & Finland
Order Neisse Line Germany & Poland
16 Parallel NorthAngola and Namibia
Sigfried Line EastFrance & Germany
20 Parallel NorthLibya & Sudan
22 Parallel NorthEgypt & Sudan
25 Parallel NorthMauritania & Mali
26 Parallel NorthWestern Sahara & Mauritania
31 Parallel NorthIraq & Iran
38 Parallel North LineNorth & South Korea
49 Parallel North (Medicine Line)USA & Canada
45 Parallel North Montana & wyoming
43 Parallel North State Nebraska & state of south Dakota
42 Parallel North : new york & Pennsylvania Border
40Parallel North : Nebraska & Kansas.