ABS Full Form: Meaning of ABS and List of Full Form

ABS Full Form

ABS Full Form: Here we Provide Various full forms of ABS. It is Used as Acronyms in various categories like Automobile, Education, File, Military and Defense, etc.

ABS Full Form in Education

Full FormAcronyms
Associate In Business ScienceABS
Associate In Business StudiesABS
Associate In Baccalaureate StudiesABS
Accelerated Bachelor of ScienceABS

ABS Full Form in File Type

Full FormAcronyms
Abstracts (info File)ABS
Abscissa Data FileABS

ABS Full Form in Railway

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ABS Full Form in Chemestry

Full FormAcronyms
Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneABS
Alkyl BenzenesulfonateABS

ABS Full Form in Electronics

Full FormAcronyms
Antilock Braking SystemABS
Automatic Brightness StabilizationABS
Automatic Blip ScanABS

ABS Full Form in Banking

Full FormAcronyms
Audited Balance SheetABS

ABS Full Form in Messaging

Full FormAcronyms
Albino BlacksheepABS

ABS Full Form in Account and Finance

Full FormAcronyms
Accounting and Billing SystemABS
Alternative Business StructureABS

ABS Full Form in Space Science

Full FormAcronyms
Anti Burn ShieldABS
After Body SectionABS
Air Breathing SystemABS
Air Base SupplyABS

ABS Full Form in Airport Code

Full FormAcronyms
Abu SimbelABS

ABS Full Form in Computer Hardware

Full FormAcronyms
Airport Base StationABS
Automatic Backup SystemABS

ABS Full Form in Maths

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ABS Full Form in Physics

Full FormAcronyms

ABS Full Form in Stock Exchange

Full FormAcronyms
Asset-Backed SecuritiesABS
Asset-backed SecurityABS
Automated Bond SystemABS

ABS Full Form in Sport

Full FormAcronyms
Anti Bolt StickABS
Active Battle SystemABS

ABS Full Form in Military

Full FormAcronyms
Automated Briefing SystemABS
Advanced Battle SimulationABS
Anti Burst SystemABS
Automated Beam SteeringABS
Anti-lock Braking SystemABS
Action Battle SystemABS
Able Bodied SeamanABS
Air Base SecurityABS
Air Base SimulatorABS
Air Base SquadronABS
Atlantic Base SectionABS
Antenna Base SpringABS