AD Full Form | Meaning of AD With Full Form

AD Full Form

AD Full Form: Here we Provide Various full forms of AD. It is Used as Acronyms in various categories like Automobile, Education, File, Military and Defense, etc.

AD Full Form in Information and Technology

Full FormAcronyms
Active DirectoryAD
Administrative DomainAD

AD Full Form in Country Names

Full FormAcronyms

AD Full Form in Educational Degree

Full FormAcronyms
Associate DegreeAD

AD Full Form in File Type

Full FormAcronyms
Afterdark ScreensaverAD

AD Full Form in Software

Full FormAcronyms
Application DevelopmentAD
Applications DevelopmentAD
Adaptive DitherAD

AD Full Form in Indian Railway Station

Full FormAcronyms

AD Full Form in Chemistry

Full FormAcronyms
Acid DetectingAD

AD Full Form in Banking

Full FormAcronyms
Acknowledgment of DebtAD

AD Full Form in Messaging

Full FormAcronyms
Awesome DudeAD
Autonomous DrivingAD

AD Full Form in Accounts and Finance

Full FormAcronyms
Accumulated DepreciationAD

AD Full Form in Space Science

Full FormAcronyms
Active DeviceAD
Aperture DoorAD
Attachment DeviceAD
Analog To DigitalAD

AD Full Form in Job Title

Full FormAcronyms
Always DemandingAD
All DayAD
Always DependableAD
Art DirectorAD
Acronym DirectorAD
Assistant DeputyAD
Advertising DirectorAD
Assistant DirectorAD

AD Full Form in Computer Hardware

Full FormAcronyms
Analog DiscAD

AD Full Form in Maths

Full FormAcronyms
Average DifferenceAD

AD Full Form in Sports

Full FormAcronyms
Attack DamageAD
Auto DuelerAD
Academic DecathlonAD

AD Full Form in Military and Defense

Full FormAcronyms
Active DutyAD
Air DefenseAD
Air DivisionAD
Advanced DevelopmentAD
Associate DirectorAD
Armored DivisionAD
Admission and Disposition (report)AD
Faadc2i Dual Workstation-class Computer UnitAD
After A DateAD
Astia (armed Services Technical Information Agency) DocumentAD
Advanced DeployabilityAD
Automatic DistributionAD
Army DepartmentAD
Artillery DepotAD